Betsy Boom

I am a very sweet girl yet very naughty in bed so a spanking is often necessary.

About Me: I am a very sweet girl yet very naughty in bed so a spanking is often necessary. 

I am a 5'4" brunette Betty (as used in modern terms). I love working out (walking, running, yoga), riding my 4-wheeler and hanging with my friends. I am a Gemini through and through. Picture the girl next door with a voluptuous physique and a ravaging sexual appetite. I love everything sexual I've ever done or been involved in...I am a very sexual being. Overall, I love being dominated and having my pussy taken control over so the idea of someone enjoying themselves to my garments is a huge turn on.

What I Sell:
Bras and Lingerie
Used Panties
PantyHose and Stockings
Socks and Foot Fetish items


i would love to provide fun, different, extras to enhance the items you get from me; it increases the excitement for me as well when I can personalize my things JUST for you.   (Just email and ask and I will let you know prices) 

Payment Terms:
I accept:

cash sent to a PO Box  (preferred method)

visa gift cards sent to a PO Box   (Email for details about the PO box) 

amazon vouchers

As soon as I verify your payment, then and only then can I get to work making something special for you and sending it to you!

Shipping Terms:
Each item will be packaged to preserve all my goodness until it reaches you: wrapped in tissue paper, zip locked and placed in a discrete package to keep what's private private.   

I will normally use USPS priority mail unless another is desired in which case, the buyer will be responsible for the extra cost.  

I charge $6 for us shipping with tracking and insurance unless it is a bulky item (ex., shoes, etc) then there will need to be an extra charge   

I will ship internationally with tracking and insurance for $10 unless it is a bulky item, then there will need to be an extra charge 

Refund Policy:

Even though, I'm positive you will never want a refund, if you are unsatisified in any way, I am more than willing to help fix the problem....that being said, I still can't give an actual refund because of the obvious nature of the items.   

Lost Parcel Policy:

Similar to not being able to give a refund, I also cannot take responsibility if the postal service misplaces or loses Any item I send.  

No PayPal