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Sibyl Vanity

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  • Age: +18
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About Me: My naughty needs are insatiable. Being naked is my favorite, but I can never resist a pair of pretty panties. I am eager to send mine off to be enjoyed by others!

I'm often described as having a brazen personality (though i'd rather be called passionate). I am an artist, which affects most things i do quite heavily. I love all things beautiful, luxurious, and erotic. 
I could spend an entire day playing with myself, usually fantasizing about having a threesome. The attention from others alone arouses me, and the thought of someone getting off to my used items gets me off too.  So let's help each other out ;)

If you have a specific request let me know- I'm open for suggestions!

What I Sell:

Bras and Lingerie
Used Panties
PantyHose and Stockings


Payment Terms: I accept amazon gift vouchers and other online vouchers. 

Shipping Terms: Prices include shipping through USPS with tracking. Faster shipping upon request for additional fee. Sorry, no international.

Refund Policy: Refunds will not be given, however I do wish you to be happy with your order. If for some reason you are unhappy with your items contact me to discuss the issue! 

Lost Parcel Policy: Tracking is provided, in the event a parcel is truly lost a similar product will be sent as replacement.

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